Discover new opportunities, soar to new heights and unleash your full entrepreneurial potential.

You have outgrown your practice.  Your case load is full, and you have more clients coming to you than you can handle.  Here is the dilemma, you want to see less therapy clients and do more of the things that excites your entrepreneurial soul. 


You have mastered the art of therapy, but now crave other entrepreneurial ventures.  You want to author a book, create courses, speak in front of a large audience, create other revenue streams, and even aspire to be a well-known influencer.  If this describes you and you are feeling an undeniable sensation in your gut, then you are in the right spot.


My name is Ernesto Segismundo Jr.  I am a psychotherapist, speaker, group practice owner, and videographer.  I'm the "not your typical psychotherapist", who, like you, have outgrown the traditional therapy practice.  I help therapists, like you, to strategize and develop efficient systems that will afford you the freedom to venture into new chapters in your professional journey.  I will guide you to work ON your business not IN your business.


You and I will work on the following:


--Support aimed addressing limiting beliefs, overwhelm, impostor syndrome and other challenges experienced by entrepreneurs.

--Accountability to help you accomplish your entrepreneurial goals.

--Hands-on training digital marketing and strategy

--Content creation and niche messaging

--Professional brand development

Coaching and Strategy Sessions

Ernesto is an amazing human being.  His passion and enthusiasm for his work is contagious.  His down to earth personality makes his courses informative and fun.   He is a skilled leader who shares best practices in the field including many tools and tips for social media and video marketing.  

Maria Grace Wolk, LMFT 

 When I tell you that Ernesto’s Master Class, Webinar Creation, is a major game changer! This was the best investment ever! I’m so glad that I found this class. I love that he challenges us and pushes us to think outside of the box. His feedback is so helpful! He really knows his stuff! I need all my administrative team to take this class. I can’t wait to launch my courses and webinars! 


Akiami McCoy, MSW, LCSW

Ernesto is not only an unbelievably motivating and supportive colleague, but he's also an incredible mentor.  He truly wants everyone around him to succeed and that comes through with genuine authenticity.  He is skilled in so many areas including promotional and video marketing, teaching clinicians how to market themselves and sell courses online, and how to really believe in their own creative, entrepreneurial spirit and abilities.

Patrick Casale

 Ernesto had a way of helping me see what I am good at and move past my own criticism. Take this class only if you are serious about completing your goals, because he will make you commit and follow through! This was definitely a good investment for myself and my business. 


Heather Janz LMFT

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